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Momentum Disc Golf First Run PRETTY FLY - Premium Plastic

Our second fairway driver has the following flight specifics: Speed 9, Glide 6, Turn -1 and Fade 2. She is the 'big sister' to the fairway driver Nice! Pretty Fly is also PDGA-approved.

Long distance driver?

Pretty Fly could be called a distance driver with speed 9, but with easy control. Our aim has been to make a disc that you can really send far and still have a really good accuracy. Pretty Fly is a fairway driver, not a distance driver, but it can fly far. 

This edition of Pretty Fly is made in our Prominent Medium plastic. It is the first run of this plastic with this mold. There will be 2  different hardness variations in the premium plastic materials used for Pretty Fly fairway driver. This is the Prominent Medium plastic, developed by the plastic material producer after instructions by Momentum Disc Golf. Prominent plastic is used exclusively by Momentum Disc Golf. Later, we  don´t know when, there will be a stiffer Prominent plastic. The Prominent Medium plastic is flexible but can still be used for skip shots. All Prominent plastics are durable and has high resistance towards physical impact. and scratching. Prominent plastic is a professional player´s choice and the price is a bit higher than basic plastic.


First run discs and each one is unique. Color shifts within the color-definitions exist and the degree of swirls and transitions varies.

Yellow with black swirls: Solid yellow colour with black swirls spreading out from the center. Blue metal foil hot stamp.

Made in Sweden

Momentum Discs Pretty Fly Fairway Apricot Swirl

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